Miranda Cuckson – Violin

“I’m Miranda Cuckson and I’m a violinist (I also play some viola). I play with a bunch of groups around New York, the main ones these days are: counter)induction, Sequitur, also Lost Dog Ensemble….”

Recorded January 2012

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Dale Trumbore

By Chris McGovern courtesy of The Glass

Dale Trumbore, originally a “Jersey Girl” but living in L.A. now, is yet another composer I know from the world of Twitter that has been making her mark on the world of new music during what seems like a renaissance of sorts. Along with a new album of art-song cycles titled Snow White Turns Sixty she is also about to have the New York premiere of her work for string quartet titled How It Will Go by ACME (The American Contemporary Music Ensemble). Dale even wrote her own article about the piece that was posted on Sequenza21. Having won numerous awards, grants (among them American Composer’s Forum Subito and USC’s Sadye J. Moss Composition Prize), and academic honors, besides composing, Dale has also been a teaching assistant at USC, and currently provides private piano instruction. She managed to find a window of solitude to talk to us. :) Continue reading

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Contagious Sounds: Streaming Live. January 26, 2012

Stream videos at Ustream

The Contagious Sounds Series is back, baby.  If you are in New York, go see the show in person at the Gershwin Hotel.  If you are not in New York, watch the live stream here.

7pm EST : Cellist, Ashley Bathgate will be performing a personal favorite – Michael Gordon’s Industry – as well as music by Andrew Norman, Alvin Lucier, Timo Andres, and Evan Ziporyn.

9pm EST : Bassist, Florent Ghys. “He creates highly contrapuntal, post-minimalist chamber music showcasing intelligent multi-tracking and inventive use of electronics and sampled speech.” – WQXR radio

Support the Contagious Sounds Series here.
Visit the archive to see past shows.

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Leah Kardos

By Chris McGovern courtesy of The Glass

Australian-born composer Leah Kardos is in the process of taking her place in the already sizeable club of composer/performers, and is another harbinger of the days now where the worlds of new classical and indie music are barely separated by a blurred-over line. Initially a founder of the band Helzuki, she currently has 2 other indie acts: My Lithium & Me and Spider & I. Along with these activities, she also has been writing film scores and occasionally assists other bands with orchestral, choral or chamber arrangements on their songs. Recently the composer decided to make a self-recorded CD of short compositions threaded together as a thematic statement on her life and relationship with her first love, the piano, and this was what became Feather Hammer. Having had Leah as a great acquaintance on Twitter, I realized that I needed to do an interview with her soon before she hired a publicist. ;) Continue reading

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