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Miranda Cuckson – Violin

“I’m Miranda Cuckson and I’m a violinist (I also play some viola). I play with a bunch of groups around New York, the main ones these days are: counter)induction, Sequitur, also Lost Dog Ensemble….”
Recorded January 2012

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Contagious Sounds: Streaming Live. January 26, 2012

Stream videos at Ustream

The Contagious Sounds Series is back, baby.  If you are in New York, go see the show in person at the Gershwin Hotel.  If you are not in New York, watch the live stream here.

7pm EST : Cellist, Ashley Bathgate will be performing a personal favorite – Michael Gordon’s Industry – as well as music by Andrew Norman, Alvin Lucier, Timo Andres, and Evan Ziporyn.

9pm EST : Bassist, Florent Ghys. “He creates highly contrapuntal, post-minimalist chamber music showcasing intelligent multi-tracking and inventive use of electronics and sampled speech.” – WQXR radio

Support the Contagious Sounds Series here.
Visit the archive to see past shows.

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Conor Hanick – Piano

“My name is Conor Hanick, I’m a pianist living in New York City.  I play a lot of contemporary music, mainly with a group in Pittsburgh called the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, I play with a group at Juilliard called the Axiom Ensemble, the Metropolis Ensemble….”
Recorded September 2011

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Contagious Sounds, October 23, 2011, 7/9pm EST

Streaming by Ustream
Tonight is the second evening of the 2011-12 Contagious Sounds Series streamed live from the Gershwin Hotel in New York City. 7 & 9pm EST.

Just like Friday’s performance, if you are in New York please go see the show in person (it’s only 10-bucks); if you are not in New York check-out the stream and let us know what you think. You can send all your comments to either me () or vicky () – we would really appreciate your feedback.
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