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Carl Rosman – Clarinet

“My name is Carl Rosman, I do various things but mostly play the clarinet. Sometimes I conduct, sometimes there are pieces I need to use my voice, sometimes there are pieces where I use my voice and don’t use the clarinet, but clarinet is the main center. I work with the Elision Ensemble in Australia, I work mostly with musikFabrik, that’s the ensemble I’m full time with, that’s a German ensemble based in Koln…”

Recorded May 2010

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Eileen Mack – Clarinet

“I’m Eileen Mack, I’m a clarinetist originally from Australia now living in New York (for about six years). I co-direct the group Newspeak, I also play with Victoire and a bunch of projects of Ted Hearne including Katrina Ballads and Your Bad Self, and also the ensemble Red Light which is a new music ensemble run by a bunch composers.”

Recorded April 2010

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Josh Rubin – Clarinet

“I’m Josh Rubin and I’m a clarinetist. These days I spend most of my time playing with the ICE ensemble (that’s the International Contemporary Ensemble) and that’s a 30-piece chamber group devoted to new music…”

Recorded November 2009

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Richard Haynes – Clarinet

“My name is Richard Haynes and I’m a clarinet player based at the moment in Bern, Switzerland and Melbourne, Australia. I play with Elision Ensemble mainly (which is an international ensemble), and occasionally with other groups like 175-East, STROMA, MusikFabrik and Ensemble Modern.”

Recorded July 2009

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