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Kathleen Supove – Piano

“Hi, I’m Kathleen Supove and I play the piano.  I work mostly as a soloist, and playing acoustic solos and solos with, uh, “accoutrement.”  But I also play in an art-rock band called Doctor Nerve and the Susie Ibarra Quartet (its a quartet now).  I’ve been in Patrick Grant Group which may be seeing a revival this year.  And, in the past I played in Twisted Tutu… those are my main groups.”

Kathy also wanted to make sure we included this which she sent in an email after recording:  “I thought of a piece that I wanted to mention. I think it’s really interesting, cleverly done, and I like the materials. It’s downright ingenious, and maybe people should know about it.  The piece is a set of 4 Etudes by Jason Freeman.  The public, visitors to the site, can create their own pieces out of the materials he gives, following a few simple rules. It’s really ingeniously done; I know, I’ve played a few realizations of them.  He has also written a New York Times blog about it; I’m sure you can find it in their archive.”

Recorded September 2010

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