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Oren Fader – Guitar

Oren Fader - Guitar“My name is Oren Fader and I play classical and electric guitar, a little mandolin, a little banjo, too.  And the groups that I play mostly with are the Cygnus Ensemble and the Fireworks Ensemble, and both those groups play a lot of new music (Cygnus perhaps a little bit more)…”

Recorded July 2010

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Jim Johnston – Piano

“So, I’m Jim Johnston, I’m a pianist and keyboardist (and also a frustrated composer). I play primarily with four ensembles that do new music to one degree or another: the Newspeak Ensemble, the Proteus Ensemble, the Fireworks Ensemble, and a rock quartet that does contemporary music called Electric Company.”

Recorded January 2010 in a noisy place (sorry)

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