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Leah Kardos

By Chris McGovern courtesy of The Glass

Australian-born composer Leah Kardos is in the process of taking her place in the already sizeable club of composer/performers, and is another harbinger of the days now where the worlds of new classical and indie music are barely separated by a blurred-over line. Initially a founder of the band Helzuki, she currently has 2 other indie acts: My Lithium & Me and Spider & I. Along with these activities, she also has been writing film scores and occasionally assists other bands with orchestral, choral or chamber arrangements on their songs. Recently the composer decided to make a self-recorded CD of short compositions threaded together as a thematic statement on her life and relationship with her first love, the piano, and this was what became Feather Hammer. Having had Leah as a great acquaintance on Twitter, I realized that I needed to do an interview with her soon before she hired a publicist. ;) Continue reading

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Conor Hanick – Piano

“My name is Conor Hanick, I’m a pianist living in New York City.  I play a lot of contemporary music, mainly with a group in Pittsburgh called the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, I play with a group at Juilliard called the Axiom Ensemble, the Metropolis Ensemble….”

Recorded September 2011

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Kathleen Supove – Piano

“Hi, I’m Kathleen Supove and I play the piano.  I work mostly as a soloist, and playing acoustic solos and solos with, uh, “accoutrement.”  But I also play in an art-rock band called Doctor Nerve and the Susie Ibarra Quartet (its a quartet now).  I’ve been in Patrick Grant Group which may be seeing a revival this year.  And, in the past I played in Twisted Tutu… those are my main groups.”

Kathy also wanted to make sure we included this which she sent in an email after recording:  “I thought of a piece that I wanted to mention. I think it’s really interesting, cleverly done, and I like the materials. It’s downright ingenious, and maybe people should know about it.  The piece is a set of 4 Etudes by Jason Freeman.  The public, visitors to the site, can create their own pieces out of the materials he gives, following a few simple rules. It’s really ingeniously done; I know, I’ve played a few realizations of them.  He has also written a New York Times blog about it; I’m sure you can find it in their archive.”

Recorded September 2010

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Vicky Chow – Piano

“So Hi, I’m Vicky Chow and I’m a pianist living in New York City, originally from Canada. And, I play with the Bang on a Can All-Stars – that’s mainly the group I’m playing with. And, I still gig around New York and play with various friends and I play solo things as well.”

Recorded August 2010

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