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Jessica Schmitz – Flute

“My name is Jessica Schmitz.  I’m a flutist and I play with Asphalt Orchestra (that’s my main gig) and Signal Ensemble, I do some gamelan and some other random assortments of new music about town.”

Recorded March 2011

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Courtney Orlando – Violin

“My name is Courtney Orlando, I play the violin mostly, sometimes I play keyboard instruments and sing. I’m most closely associated with Alarm Will Sound, I also play with Signal Ensemble, and recently I’ve been doing some work with Meredith Monk….”

Recorded August 2009

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Mellissa Hughes – Soprano

“My name is Mellissa Hughes, I’m a soprano. I perform primarily with ensembles like Newspeak, Signal. I have a church job so I moonlight at St. Mary the Virgin and sometimes at Trinity Wall Street… I sing a lot with Vox Vocal Ensemble under George Steel and Clarion Music Society…”

Recorded January 2010

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Brad Lubman – Conductor

“My name is Brad Lubman, I’m a conductor and composer, and a long time ago in another life I was a percussionist, and I’ve been doing this professionally for about 24 years…. And some of the groups I work with: I have my own ensemble here in New York called Signal, and then there are a number of ensembles in Europe that I work with like London Sinfonietta, Ensemble Modern, and Musik Fabrik. I work with a lot of radio orchestras in Germany and Netherlands.”

Recorded May 2009

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